2015 Bimota Tesi 3D 40th Anniversary Edition No. 001 / 40

    • Year 2015
    • Chassis Number TB9601ABDE6900001
    • Engine Number PARD009959
    • Registration Not road registered
    • Mileage 0

    Introduced in 1990 the Bimota Tesi was a radical design originally derived from a 1980’s race bike concept by Pierluigi Marconi. The centre hub steering was designed to improve handling by preventing ‘front end diving’ under heavy braking, using the air cooled Ducati V Twin motor as a stress member chassis saved significant weight although the first version, the Tesi 1D had a bulky all enveloping bodywork. Fast Forward to the even more radical 3D version and the Tesi had shed the body work in favour of a new ‘naked’ look that proved much more popular. As with all bespoke limited production manufacturers the bikes never came cheap, the price of exclusivity ! but plagued with funding problems the Rimini based company’s trading history was checkered despite having some of the finest designers in modern motorcycle production as directors, namely Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini, from which the name Bi Mo Ta is derived.

    Introduced in 2015 the Bimota 40th Anniversary Tesi 3D was supposed to have a production run of just 40 bikes however in Nov. 2017 production again stopped with no news coming through as yet. An estimated 29 bikes having been built. This rare example is the first ‘Tesi 3D Anniversary’ model produced being frame Number 01.

    Certainly a collectors item it was supplied by Bimota dealer Moto Mechanica and is in absolutely brand new ‘out of the box’ condition having not yet been road registered or used on a public highway. Powered by the ( hypamotard ) 1078cc engine with a 6 speed gearbox and weighing just 167 kg it is supplied with a cover, paddock stand and the factory handbooks.