1934 Brough Superior SS100

    • Year 1934
    • Chassis Number 8/1383
    • Engine Number BS/X4656
    • Registration 231 UXR
    • Mileage 10008

    This matchless engined SS100 was originally delivered to Australia through agents Scholefield Goodman, who were responsible for virtually all the Broughs supplied there new between 1932 and 1940. At this time little is known about the early history of the bike, we understand that in 1999 it survived as a complete and original matching number bike owned by a Doctor living in New South Wales. Tragically in October ’99 the bike was damaged in a road accident, which the rider survived. The impact on the left hand side damaged the frame and the left hand side crank case. At this time it was thought the frame and the case were beyond repair and so all the surviving parts were grafted into a modified 11.50 frame, number 8/1383 and an SS80 crank case number BS/X4656 was used to rebuild the engine. The parts from these two bikes were also came from Australian delivered Broughs.

    The bike then came to the UK in 2000 but was considered to be a sorry state, it was painstakingly restored over a five year period by a Brough Club member, the history file contains many invoices for the parts used during this time, he in turn sold the bike in 2005 to another Club member who completed the work with the help of Brough Superior restorer Simon Miles.

    The bike has been constant use since 2006 and has attended many rallies and shows and as such is in very good working order, cosmetically in also remains in good condition. During the restoration many of the parts used came from the Brough Club’s own parts service and although it retains many original and authentic components including original fitment Castle front forks, the fuel tank is a replacement.

    Of the 102 Matchless OHV engined SS100’s only 68 are known to have survived, 7 of which are incomplete. We are delighted to be offering this rare and collectable motorcycle to the market for the first time in 8 years, it comes with a good history file with information about all the restoration work and UK road registration documents.